Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Hey, guys....I am still alive and breathing...can't say I am well, but then again with finals so close, who is?? Anyway, to those who will be sitting their finals soon, all the best and good luck...To those who finish their finals already...WTF!! How unfair...but hope you have a good hols...And those who have no finals at all...Well, aren't you lucky...Will write better stuff next post, sweets...Till then =)

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Verdict

Ok, people, I have news...I have finally done IT!! I have been putting it off for so long, weighing the pros and cons, and the mere fear of agony has kept me from doing it for ages. So, I finally decided, what the heck, I'll do it. So many people have done it and survived. None of them have died from the pain. This morning, after my Public Health paper, I rang up a few salons and asked for an appointment. The first 3 I called was all fully booked until Easter, and I couldn't wait that long. But it just proves that so many other people are getting it done as well, and that I am not the only insane one. At my fourth call, the receptionist told me that the only time slot available was in 45 minutes. So, it was obviously now or never.

I got there 5 minutes earlier as instructed to fill in a consultation form. The salon was nice, soothing and serene. I wouldn't advice those of you brave ones to go to anywhere dodgy, its just not worth the risk. And after waiting for another 5 minutes, my beauty therapist was ready for me. She was very nice and friendly, putting my worried mind at ease. After explaining the procedure, she asked me were there any questions. And I squeaked out my main concern "How painful would it be??" She just smiled and said, "Don't worry, you'll survive." And 20 minutes later, I came out of the room...ALIVE.

And was the pain worth it?? I dunno yet, need time to judge and see. But a tip for those of you who wanna do it, tell them you want some left, or else you just look like a 6 year old. Lol...The results was great, although it's a bit bald in my opinion. Next time, I'll tell them to leave a landing strip;) Till later...

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Rain, rain, go away...

Today the weather is crap...

It has been raining cows and pigs (don't see why I need to use cats and you see cats and dogs falling out from the sky??) for ages...Using umbrella also is almost useless...The winds like playing games...First it blows from the front, then when you move your umbrella to shield your wet face, it blows from the back, so you shield your soaking back instead...Then, the mean mean wind blows from the right side...Then the left...So by the time you get indoors, it looks like you just held your umbrella as a fashion accessory only. And your hair, which you spent half an hour straightening looks like Pn Chuan's hair (without the bald patch la, of course)

So, I think the only way to stay dry in this weather is to wear a long raincoat...Yup...A long dorky looking raincoat. It helps you stay dry and you get your hands free...But is staying dry worth being looking dorky for?? Till later....

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Exams and the City

Why is it that whenever my exams are drawing closer, I have this undenyable urge to watch all the seasons of Sex and the City?? Is my brain that sly to find distractions for me?? Or am I just lazy?? Anyway, here's my favourite part in all the Seasons, where Carrie was asked to catwalk down a runway for Dolce and Gabbana. But she was having doubts about it for fearing that people might mock her. So, she called up her best friend, Miranda, who was having problem of her own...

Carrie : So, what's your problem??

Miranda : He said "I think you are very sexy".

Carrie : And??

Miranda : I was wearing no makeup and my Han's 3 dollar old man undershirt.

Carrie : Nice.

Miranda : I just can't belive that a guy would think I was sexy.

Carrie : Ok, I am hanging up now.

Miranda : No, I am serious...Smart, yes...Sometimes cute...But never sexy. Sexy is the thing I try to get them to see me after I win them over with my personality.

Carrie : You win men over with your personality??

Miranda : They want you to be a model??

Carrie : Ok, I am hanging up now.

It's from Season 4 episode 2....Watch it...It's good...I just love all four of them, Charlotte especially. Till later....

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Ly down??

On Wed I got on the 9.00 o'clock bus as usual to go to uni, at Buranda station, three high school students got on, two boys and one girl...They were discussing about this test they had the other day. They stood near where I was sitting (yes, I was lucky enough to find a seat) and talked pretty loudly so I could hear every word. Here was how the conversation went...

Boy 1: Did you spell lie down properly.
Boy 2: Sure
Girl : I think so, it's one word right.
*Me : staring at her openly. Mouth hanging open*
Boy 2: No, it's two words.
Boy 1: Yeah, of course it's two words...
*Me : Mouth close, mentally nodding my head*
Boy 2: *with confidence* It's L-Y and down...two words.
*Me : slumped in my seat, fainted already*

OMG!! What morons...And when the guy corrected her, I even gave him a glance of approval, thinking how he's nice enough not to laugh at her. But when he told her the "correct" two word one, I was mentally bashing him up. Till later...

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Celebs look-alike

In my anatomy class there is a Lindsay Lohan and Emma Watson look-alike, Public Health class there's a Whoopi Goldberg look-alike. Deeanna said that in her class there is a Alexis Bledel and a Chace Crawford look-alike. Just something I thought would be interesting to know...Till later:D

Saturday, 14 March 2009

So true...

"A love that lasts longest is the love that is never returned"
-Somerset Maugham-

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Pick Me Up

There are just some days that I find no reason to get out of bed, no courage to face the world and it's challenges.

It's funny how I am the optimistic one compared to my sis and yet sometimes I wonder if that optimism are just for people in denial.

Are optimist just pessimist in denial?? Or is it the other way around??

Is it just a mechanism that we use to cope with life, but in reality, we are just as doomed as the pessimists say we are??

Are those optimist trying to bluff themselves in seeing the brighter side of things, when in fact, there is just dark and darker?

If there were no pessimist, would there still be optimist?? Need we really have one or the other? Can both co-exist??

Is there a pessimistic optimist or a optimistic pessimist??

Till later...

Bored as hell

Waiting for my next lecture to start...So, thought might as well write something...The most exciting that happened to me today is that I bought a bag of Vegetable Chips for lunch...Npt potato...Veggie chips...Not as good as the real fatty potato chips...But oh well, sacrifices have to be made to stay healthy...Please don't sneer or think bad about people who sit alone during lunch, or looks like a loser reading in the corner of the library...For that loser might so happen be me...Just shoot me for I have no social life...Till later

Saturday, 7 March 2009


I had cupcakes today...I found one cafe that sold the most delicious and cutest cupcakes...I had one on ths spot and bought back 4. I am now in cupcake heaven:)

Friday, 6 March 2009

A bad bad day...

I had almost the worst day of my life on Wed...The weather was blazing hot to begin with, and to me, that's the sign of a bad day already...And to make things worst, I had to wear jeans and sports shoes cos I had a lab that day...So, by the time I arrived at the bus station, I was sweating like a cow...I was already exhausted before I even got on the bus. It was only 8.45 in the morning, so I had to cramp on the bus. I put my bag on my lap, so it won't be a safety hazard to everyone. Anyway, I had this cool sensation that crept up my thighs, but I just tought that my bag felt cool in relative to the heat. I dug around for my water bottle and when I got it, I was puzzeled at the water left in the bottle. I remembered clearly that it was full when I put it in, but now it was like 90% empty. That explains the cool sensation on my thighs...I took out my books from my bag, and my fears were answered. The f**king bottle leaked. And that cooling sensation just indicates that my bag is leaking any access water that my books didn't drink. It was only 9 and I was already hoping that the day would end. So, I had to stop at the train station on Roma Street, and spent an hour using the public toilet's hand dryer to dry everything that I had. Ladies that were going in and out of the toilet gave me pitiful looks as they noticed how water-logged all my books were...Just wanted to stay in that toilet and not go out till I had to go home. Oh well, that's really it about that black Wednesday. Oh, yeah, and to cap it up, I took the wrong lecture notes to school. Have a great day guys!! Till later....

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Hey guys, I know I have been away for awhile..well, ok not awhile.. a very long time...Anyway, I decided that since I am now in Brisbane, and have lot of free time on my hands..I'll try to start blogging again...Hopefully, this time I will be more frequent, not once in a blue moon...

A lot of things have happened since I last blogged..The biggest of them all, is relocating to Queensland, the Smart State (I swear I am not making this up). Packing and moving was stressful, but I will spare you the painful details of my moving, and just say that all my stuff (according to my dad, junk) and I have safely arrived in Queensland:D So, obviously I had to change uni...Can't be flying back and from NSW everyday (that's like crazy, but imagine how much Frequent Flyer points I'll get). Anyway, I applied for QUT (Queensland Uni of Technology) and got in...Not in to Optometry though...I am currently doing dentistry...Nah, just joking...Lol...I am doing a double degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and Human Movement...Human Movement is more about exercise and stuff (I didn't know what it was either). The uni is worst than UNSW, obviously...cos the population of international students is like half of the population of international students in UNSW.

My new uni is devided into two campuses...actually there are four....but I only have classes in two (thank god for that). One is in the city and one is further from the city. My main campus is the one further out. It's not bad, small...but the buildings are confusing...When I first arrived, I was confident that I could find my way around...If I could find my around in UNSW, it's no sweat that I can find my way around in QUT...Up to date, I have lost my way around about 10 times, no joking...wanna find tandas also susah...So, now I carry a GPS system with me...Not so canggih la...A uni map for both campuses...and a compass...and some camping gear and food bars in case I get lost for more than a day...Lol...Anyway, you catch my drift about how confusing the place the buildings...I think they are trying to train us up so we can participate in the Amazing Race...

Lectures and tuts are fine...Not so stressful in UNSW...I have Mondays off...So proud...Never had a day off since I started uni...Deeanna got into Queensland Uni and now is doing Vet Science...Evengeline is now in Year 5 and is on the student council...How she got the post is an interesting story...She charmed the teachers with her cuteness...Well, no..she got it by default...She kapt bugging the teacher to give it to her till the teacher gave it to her to shut my sis up...Well, not true also....She wasn't the class first choice, some guy got it at first, and the...lucky her...he died...So, the position was given to another girl...who wasn't my sis...She didn't want it..and so my desperate sister got it...The end....That's the true story..Ok, except for the part whether the dude died, he didn't die...He just got transferred...just wanted to make it more dramatic...

Anyway, so that's most of the stuff that has been happening...Ryan and I are still together...No, he is not in Queensland, but still in Sydney...Yes, it is very hard for us...we do it by phoning each other every night...My mom is still working for Big W Vision Care, and my dad is still "grapeping" (anggur=grape...Menganggur=grapeping). I am now in the library, waiting for my lect to start...It's Biochem...So, I know it will be super exciting:(

I'll try to post more when I have the time and materials...Take care, sweets....till later:D

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