Sunday, 29 March 2009

Exams and the City

Why is it that whenever my exams are drawing closer, I have this undenyable urge to watch all the seasons of Sex and the City?? Is my brain that sly to find distractions for me?? Or am I just lazy?? Anyway, here's my favourite part in all the Seasons, where Carrie was asked to catwalk down a runway for Dolce and Gabbana. But she was having doubts about it for fearing that people might mock her. So, she called up her best friend, Miranda, who was having problem of her own...

Carrie : So, what's your problem??

Miranda : He said "I think you are very sexy".

Carrie : And??

Miranda : I was wearing no makeup and my Han's 3 dollar old man undershirt.

Carrie : Nice.

Miranda : I just can't belive that a guy would think I was sexy.

Carrie : Ok, I am hanging up now.

Miranda : No, I am serious...Smart, yes...Sometimes cute...But never sexy. Sexy is the thing I try to get them to see me after I win them over with my personality.

Carrie : You win men over with your personality??

Miranda : They want you to be a model??

Carrie : Ok, I am hanging up now.

It's from Season 4 episode 2....Watch it...It's good...I just love all four of them, Charlotte especially. Till later....

2 cupcakes:

genieve said...

study study beat!

though miranda is so cute.

Beatrice said...

HAhaha...she's so cynical...I love how cynical she is....

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