Saturday, 21 March 2009

Ly down??

On Wed I got on the 9.00 o'clock bus as usual to go to uni, at Buranda station, three high school students got on, two boys and one girl...They were discussing about this test they had the other day. They stood near where I was sitting (yes, I was lucky enough to find a seat) and talked pretty loudly so I could hear every word. Here was how the conversation went...

Boy 1: Did you spell lie down properly.
Boy 2: Sure
Girl : I think so, it's one word right.
*Me : staring at her openly. Mouth hanging open*
Boy 2: No, it's two words.
Boy 1: Yeah, of course it's two words...
*Me : Mouth close, mentally nodding my head*
Boy 2: *with confidence* It's L-Y and down...two words.
*Me : slumped in my seat, fainted already*

OMG!! What morons...And when the guy corrected her, I even gave him a glance of approval, thinking how he's nice enough not to laugh at her. But when he told her the "correct" two word one, I was mentally bashing him up. Till later...

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genieve said...

i know, they are so bad with their spelling. like hideous. LOL

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