Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The Verdict

Ok, people, I have news...I have finally done IT!! I have been putting it off for so long, weighing the pros and cons, and the mere fear of agony has kept me from doing it for ages. So, I finally decided, what the heck, I'll do it. So many people have done it and survived. None of them have died from the pain. This morning, after my Public Health paper, I rang up a few salons and asked for an appointment. The first 3 I called was all fully booked until Easter, and I couldn't wait that long. But it just proves that so many other people are getting it done as well, and that I am not the only insane one. At my fourth call, the receptionist told me that the only time slot available was in 45 minutes. So, it was obviously now or never.

I got there 5 minutes earlier as instructed to fill in a consultation form. The salon was nice, soothing and serene. I wouldn't advice those of you brave ones to go to anywhere dodgy, its just not worth the risk. And after waiting for another 5 minutes, my beauty therapist was ready for me. She was very nice and friendly, putting my worried mind at ease. After explaining the procedure, she asked me were there any questions. And I squeaked out my main concern "How painful would it be??" She just smiled and said, "Don't worry, you'll survive." And 20 minutes later, I came out of the room...ALIVE.

And was the pain worth it?? I dunno yet, need time to judge and see. But a tip for those of you who wanna do it, tell them you want some left, or else you just look like a 6 year old. Lol...The results was great, although it's a bit bald in my opinion. Next time, I'll tell them to leave a landing strip;) Till later...

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genieve said...

i know this!

you had waxing done!
oohh spills all the details. i wanna do it too!

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...

me too too!

Beatrice said... first it was just weird, with some lady spreading hot stuff down there. But she was nice, and after awhile, you don't really mind the akwardness cause pain is the only thing on your mind...Lol...But it's not unbearable, only when the tweezers come in, that hurts more. Deep breaths in, and maybe taking an asprin or two will help. I read it somewhere on the internet, but forgot all about it. And you have to buy some products after that to keep it clean and stop ingrowns. I bought an exfoliating mitt, a antiseptic gel cleanser and a after wax 3 in 1 solution to stop ingrown hair and delays regrowth while making regrowth finer. I think everybody should give it a try at least once;) I even scheduled myself for the next one. Lol...I feel like if I can survive this, I am invincible...Hahahha...

♥ Sing Tian ♥ said...

I cant even stand when ppl start pressing my pimples when i go for facial.

ok, you're invincible now! lol.

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